Grow Lighting

Grow Lighting: LED VS HPS

Grow lights for indoor plants have become very popular. There are in fact more people today who look at growing plants indoors than ever before but how can you know which lights are best? When it comes to grow lights, what are you going to use, HPS or LED?

What Plants Do You Plan To Grow?

Every indoor plant requires something different and that means the type of light it needs. Now, before you choose the lighting you have to be sure what plants you are growing. As said, every plant is different which means that while you might think one light works for all indoor plants, think again. There are some plants which react differently under different light and as such may not be most effective for your home. Grow lights for indoor plants can vary so ensure you know what you want and need.

Do You Want A Quick Result?

Some people don’t want their plants to grow too quickly because it can rush the entire growing process which means if you are growing a fruit plant such as a tomato plant the natural goodness is lost. This isn’t what you want because it is a waste of time and energy. However, when you are searching for grow lights for indoor plants then you have to consider the type of results you want and how fast you require them also. Some lights don’t generate enough power to ensure extremely fast results which might prove to be a big of an issue. Then again, if you don’t want fast results then these types of lights will be more suited. It just depends on the results you are after.

How Much Power Do You Want?

Another important factor you have to consider when searching for grow lighting is the strength of the light. Some lights are going to offer a lot of brightness which offers more power but is that what is going to work best for your plants? This is of course crucial because if you do not choose the correct lighting your plants can end up drying up and dying. However, if you are thinking about growing plants indoors for your kitchens then you have to ensure the right lighting is used. There are quite a lot of options to consider and you have to look at ones which are suitable. You may like the HPS grow lights but are they best for you or will LED be best?

HPS Grow Lights

These types of lights are very popular for those who wish to grow small indoor plants but they need to work for you too. Now, it probably differs to the actual plant you wish to grow but sometimes, they can offer a lot of quality. It does vary so you need to be aware of how each indoor light fixture works and how they can affect the growing cycle of your plants. For instance, if you are looking to grow tomato plants indoors then you need the right amount of light as well as water otherwise the tomatoes die. This is something you have to consider no matter what type of indoor plant you want to grow. Grow lights for indoor plants need to be right for the individual plant because every plant reacts differently and requires something different also.