T5 grow lights

T5 Grow Lights

T5 grow lights are perfect for anyone who wants to grow plants inside their homes. No more do you have to wait for the warmth of the spring or summer. No, now you can have beautiful vegetation inside your home all year around. These lamps are rather cheap, and they are rather easy to install. They work by imitating the sunlight, which plants feed off of and grow just as if they were outside. There are many different design types of T5 lights. What size and wattage of T5 light you need depends on the size of your growing area inside your home and how many plants you wish to grow. It is important to buy the correct light (with the appropriate wattage and size) to ensure that your plants grow big and healthy.

T5 lights are powerful, and the light bulbs that they use are durable and last for quite awhile, so once you buy your light, it will likely last you for quite a long time. So, if you are interested in growing plants year round, it is necessary to purchase such a light. These lights are good for more than just household plants; you can grow vegetables and fruit as well. The options are endless as long as you have a T5 light. In the following sections, you will find details regarding the T5’s design, its many uses, and the many benefits of having one.

First Off, What Are T5 Lamps?

T5 lamps look a lot like a fluorescent lamp. These lights are rectangular in shape and can hang from your ceiling in any room, or you can purchase smaller ones that fit just above your plants. Again, the size of lamp you need depends on the area size of vegetation you wish to grow. Table-top plants would require only a small T5 light while a large planter would require a larger T5 light to ensure all the plants are getting sufficient light. T5 lamps look like fluorescent lamp because they are just that. They are about 5/8” of an inch in diameter and are quite sufficient for energy because the light bulbs they require are designed for energy saving. Having these lights will do the job of growing plants without putting too much red on your energy bill each month.

As it was already established earlier in this section, the T5 lamp comes in many different shapes and sizes, and the differences in length and socket pin design will determine the kind of electrical hook up you need to power this kind of lamp. Although these lamps are designed to use minimal energy, they require a sufficient source of electricity. It is important to make sure the T5 light is hooked up properly to prevent any electrical shortages in your home. T5 lamps will totally change the way you approach growing plants. You can have the freshest tomatoes or the greenest plants any time of year, even if it is snowing to beat the band outside. No matter the climate outside, the T5 light will create the ultimate growing environment right inside your home.

What Does “T5” Mean?

The T in T5 represents the shape of the tubular in the lamp, and the number represents the diameter of the lamp in eighths of an inch. Besides T5 grow lights, there is a T8 grow light. The major difference between the two is the T5 is 40% smaller than T8 lights. Again, it all has to do what size the lamp is. The lamp size determines what it is called.

T5 Grow Lights and Dimming

If you wish to have the ability to dim the light for your plants, worry not because you can. T5 grow lights have the ability to be connected to the dimming ballast, which allows you to dim and intensify the grow light as much as you wish. If you are concerned about how much light your plants are receiving, then turn the light down to the appropriate level. T5 grow lights are equipped with many great features, which allow you to create the perfect growing environment for you fragile plants. In fact, this kind of environment is even better than outside because you have total control over the climate in which your plants are growing. No more do you have to worry about drought, too much rain, extreme temperatures, and other climate conditions. Growing plants inside mean you can create the most suitable environment for them. With the dimming abilities of the T5, you can watch your plants grow up big and strong because you are controlling their climate, something you have been able to do before. Once you grow plants using a T5, you will never want to grow plants outside again.

How long do the T5 Lamps Last Before They Burn Out?

T5 growing lights last quite awhile before they burn out. They are designed to last a long time with constant use. Typically, T5 growing lights are set on a timer, which they then run three hours on and a twenty minutes off. These lights are designed to last up to 20,000 hours, which is well over two years. The average rated lamp life is measured at temperatures between 15 degrees Celsius and 50 degrees Celsius. These lamps pay for themselves because they work very efficiently for such a long period. It is important to note that if the light is switched on and off frequently, then the lamp life will not be nearly as long as if it were on more. The constant turning on and off will cause the bulbs to burn out much faster. So, a major perk of the T5 growing light is that it will be quite a while before you need to buy additional bulbs. These bulbs are not only energy efficient, but they are designed for frequent usage before they burn out. The T5 growing light is your best option for a growing light if you wish to have prolonged and efficient usage.

T5 Growing Lights Are Safe for the Environment
T5 growing lights are made with fewer chemicals than traditional light bulbs. Once the T5 growing lights are disposed of, they emit far fewer chemicals than traditional bulbs. They are also coated with a new and advanced phosphor coating on the inside of the bulb, which prevents the mercury from absorbing into the phosphor and the bulb’s glass. So, once the bulbs burn out and are, therefore, thrown out, they will emit fewer toxins and have much less of an impact on the environment than other bulbs.

Growing with T5 Lights: Big Savings

It is important to purchase the right T5 light to ensure that your plants get enough light but do not get too much. If your plants receive too much, they will be fine; however, your energy bill will begin to increase. The size of T5 light you need depends on the growing yield. The bigger the yield, the more energy you need. Purchasing the right light begins with knowing the area of plants you will be growing. The T5 grow light essential for strong and healthy plants to grow indoors; it is just very important to be mindful of what kind of T5 you need. Measure your growing area first because buying the right T5 growing light will result in big energy savings because the T5 does not require a lot of energy, which helps your energy bill and the environment.

Low Heat Output

T5 Grow Lights

One of the biggest perks of buying a T5 grow light is that they emit less heat than most other grow lights. This is an important feature for this product because if you have too much heat being focused on your plants, your plants will begin to feel the effects and could result in them dying. LED lights are great for growing plants too, and they last longer before burning out; however, T5 grow lights are the most popular because not only are they cool but they are the cheapest as well. Unlike LED lights or T5 grow lights, other lights emit too much heat, which results in you needing to divert the excess heat in some way. This can become an expensive process because you then have to invest in some cooling or ventilation system to suck the hot air out. T5 lights will not require you to do this. Because the T5 grow lights are cooler than most other lamps, it is preferred that you keep it roughly two to six inches from the canopy or the tallest plant; this way the plants will receive their needed light energy without it harming them. Overall, T5 grow lights are the best on the market for growing household plants. You can even grow your own orchids or tea plants! They are low energy-emitting lights that stay cool, which both your wallet and plants will thank you.


As mentioned in previous sections, make sure the T5 grow light that you are buying is the appropriate size. You should keep your wallet in mind because you do not want to waste a single ray of light. Buying a light that is too big will cause your energy bill to go up big time all because you are wasting light. Then again, if you buy a lamp that is too small, you risk your plants are not getting their required light energy for survival and growth.