Tea And Orchids Just Go Together

Tea and orchids are a great pairing. Orchids are a beautiful and calming flower and tea is a beautiful and calming drink. I love sitting in my favorite rocking chair, looking at my orchid garden and sipping on a warm cup of jasmine tea.

indoor orchid garden

Okay, so it doesn’t have to be jasmine tea. I love green tea, I love white tea, I love oolong tea and I love black tea. And jasmine tea can be made from any of those types. As long as it’s made from the tea plant, I love to drink it. I love all types of tea.

small electric travel tea kettleJust the other day, I bought myself a new electric kettle. I got a small one that I can travel with, after reading a bunch of reviews for little travel kettles on this website. Those reviews and the comparison table really helped me find the perfect electric kettle for me.

Now that I have my electric kettle, making tea is so much easier. I can plug it in out in my orchid garden and watch my beautiful flowers as I wait for my water to boil. Once it boils,4 over the infuser in my glass teapot and watch the tea slowly steep out from the wire mesh and discolor the water. I love that site. After a few minutes, I removed infuser and pour some tea into my cup. Then I sit my tea as I watch my orchids.

Whether you grow your own orchids indoors under artificial plant grow lights or you grow them out in nature, you can enjoy a cup of tea while watching them. And whether you buy your tea from online tea shops or from a local tea store or you grow your own tea indoors using T5 grow lights, you can enjoy it the same no matter what.

I always have several cups of tea in the morning and it’s a ritual I really enjoy. Then I have a few more cups in the afternoon. I usually vary the type. I love starting my day with a stronger tea. Usually a black tea or oolong tea.

Stronger in this case doesn’t mean more caffeine. Caffeine doesn’t go by the type of tea, it goes by a lot of other factors, like where it is grown, the strain, and how it is processed. Many people, for example, think that black tea has more caffeine than white tea. This is not always true. In fact, most of the time, white tea has more caffeine.

Anyway, back to my ritual. In the afternoon, I like to go with a milder tea, like a white tea or maybe a green tea. I often choose jasmine white tea or jasmine green tea, because it adds that extra calming affect. Pu’er tea is a great tea, too, but it has a very strong, earthy flavor. Many people don’t like it. I do, but I prefer other types of tea over pu-erh.

big red robe oolong teaAs for the specific teas, there are a lot that I enjoy. My favorites are these, though. For oolong tea it is big red robe tea. For black tea it is golden monkey tea. For white tea it is white hair silver needle tea. And for green tea, it is the Japanese gyokuro. Actually, I suppose I should add matcha in there too. It is, after all, a green tea, although it is a bit different.

If you’re looking to start a tea ritual, try any one of the tees I just listed above. Then sit somewhere where you have a nice view of nature. It can be an orchid garden like I have, or it can be a meadow or just overlooking your yard. It doesn’t really matter. You don’t even need a nice view. You can stare at the wall, but a nice view does make that cup more enjoyable. A good book is always great with tea, too.